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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Avenue of Honour Yungaburra

After doing the waterfall circuit we decided to stay the night at Yungaburra so that we could walk the Avenue of Honour the following day.  We stayed at the Yungaburra Hotel.  I have very mixed reviews of this place.  We knew the hotel was very old and the rooms would be just a bed so we weren't disappointed as it was exactly as we thought.  There was a bathroom and toilet ensuite so that was better than making your way to a communal bathroom.  The meal that we had that evening was very good.  Judging by the number of people that were eating there it was obvious that the locals thought it was good value for money.  After dinner and a couple of drinks we made our way to bed for an early night.  At 6.00am we were abruptly woken by the fire alarm!  Philip quickly dressed, and went outside into the hallway to see what was going on.  He was met by many others, in various stages of dress, who, like us, did not know whether there was a fire or not.  The alarm went on and on and become more urgent.  After a quick inspection by the guests we all decided it was a false alarm so made our way back to bed.  Fortunately we both went straight back to sleep and didn't wake until well after 8am…..unusual for us!
The Avenue of Honour is a fitting and lovely memorial to all our soldiers that fought in Afganhistan.  It was sobering to see so many plaques with the names of soldiers who had lost their life in combat, and very sad to see that the majority of these young men were in their twenties.  The Avenue is lined by Illawarra Flame Trees and I look forward to returning when the trees are mature and in full bloom.

The Avenue of Honour on the banks of Lake Tinaroo.

The Explosive Detection Dogs were also honoured….sadly five deaths.

Forty-one soliders lost their lives in Afghanistan….a plaque for each one.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Waterfall Circuit

We've had the waterfall circuit at Millaa Millaa on the bucket list ever since we moved here but never seemed to get a round to it.  So when the photo club decided to make it one of their 2014 outings we grabbed the opportunity with delight.  And aren't we glad we did.
We met at the park in the centre of Millaa Millaa at 8am on Easter Saturday and after a quick cup of coffee we started the circuit.  The first falls to visit were the Millaa Millaa Falls.  We took plenty of photos from the grassy verge in front of the falls and then decided to take some photos from behind the falls.  It was rather a slippery walk under the falls but to see the mini rainbow behind the falls was well worth the walk.

Millaa Millaa Falls

Millaa Millaa Falls up close!

The next falls were Zillie.  Unfortunately you don't get a good look at the falls from the lookout but if you are adventurous you can make your way down to the bottom of the falls.  Three of our group (including me) decided to make the journey but I turned back about half way down.  It was extremely steep and slippery and I didn't know if I could make the journey back up!  As it turned out Hubby made it all the way down to the bottom and said it was easier coming up then down!  Ah well.  Maybe next time.

Zillie Falls

Can you spot Hubby?

The third and final falls on the circuit are Ellinjaa Falls.  They were certainly the most spectacular of the falls but by the time our group arrived there were many many tourists all trying to take a photo at the one and only available spot that was about two metres by two metres!  We hurriedly took our photos and vowed to return at a time when there were not as many people around.

Ellinjaa Falls

After the Millaa Millaa Falls circuit we all decided to go and have a look at the Barron Falls that we thought would be spectacular after the cyclone last weekend.  Alas, we were disappointed.  They were only trickling over the rocks. Nevertheless, we had a great day.

Barron Falls

I always love photo club outings.  Being with like minded people is great and I find my photography improves immensely by talking to the other photographers about camera settings and watching how the others frame their shot.

Some of the little Fungi that abounded around the falls

Friday, 18 April 2014

Dodging a bullet!

This time last week we were completing preparations for Cyclone Ita.  It was a Category 5 cyclone that was tracked to cross the coast just north of Cooktown.  Cooktown is about 300km from where we live (by road) but much closer as the crow flies.  Last Thursday night we high-tailed it home from Julia Creek and travelled all night to make sure that we were home to "batten down the hatches".  Our gardener (and friend) had put a lot of things inside for us, including all the outside furniture, and had tied down anything that may become a missile in a Cat. 5 cyclone.  We are so grateful for friends.  So when we finally made it to bed on Friday night, after nearly 48 hours with little sleep, we really crashed out.  So much so, in fact, that we slept through the worst of the cyclone!  We awoke Saturday morning to very strong winds and rain but no structural damage.
The winds were blowing at about 100 kmh (we guess) and some trees were uprooted but nothing close to the house.  The garden was buffeted by the strong winds however today, a week later, it looks no worse for wear.  Over the course of the weekend we measured 300mm of rain (approximately 12 inches).
Some places nearby suffered severe damage, particularly Kuranda,  and I really feel for the cane growers around us who have have had their crops flattened, just weeks away from harvesting. We lost power on the Saturday and telephones on Sunday but all was restored by Monday evening.  Bravo to Ergon and Telstra!
 I think we really did dodge a bullet!

Here are some photos that I took on Saturday.